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for those of you who have done yin yoga…you know what it’s all about.

for those of you who have never done yin yoga, it’s a style of yoga where you are getting into the deep tissues (fascia) by relaxing your muscles, and holding poses for a long time. (if we learned anything throughout the teacher training, that was it. right there)

and why do we do yoga? because it feels soooooooo good.

so when you’re doing a yin teacher training, you hold the same poses. over. and. over. and. over. to practice. to learn about the poses. after awhile, your thoughts begin to change from ohhh this is a juicy stretch to i didn’t think that the course description had torture written anywhere on the advertisement….

and then you go home and you need to stretch some more because your muscles are tight from so much stretching. and then you do the same thing the next day. for four days in a row.

needless to say, i’ve taken a bit of a break from yoga since.

because all this deep tissue stretching might bring up some emotions. in fact, it will bring up emotions. it might even bring up emotions that you DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAVE.

yoga is funny like that. so as our instructor continually joked with us about opening our heart chakras a little more to let something else in, we inevitably WERE doing that over the span of four days. man oh man are my shoulders ever thrown back right now. i feel like a goddamn care bear, doing my care bear stare.

for me, the emotions that seemed to come up the most were the ones related to family. as the weekend continued, my thoughts shifted from feeling bad that i  was leaving April for as long as i did, to recognizing that by leaving her, i was able to grow and learn and explore within myself again. and how healthy it is to do that. often (i’d say often is a gentle emphasis) moms put themselves last. i mean, how can you not. if you have a frantic little person clinging to your leg, you can’t just shake them off like the family pet and tell them to go play by themselves. you need to stop what you’re doing, and deal with their anxieties. which can of course range from hunger, to sleepiness, to soggy bums….it really is a game of elimination most days to figure out what’s going on (though because we have a pretty consistent routine, it’s not hard to figure out what April’s whimperings are about most of the time.) and i don’t think i need to mention that when you’re constantly dealing with someone’s troubles  that aren’t physically your own, they do attach themselves emotionally. (i’ve yet to meet a mother who doesn’t instantly try and quiet her baby’s cries.)

so there it is. i think i said it before (on valentine’s day, coincidentally!) that opening your heart sometimes is about doing something good for you so that you can feel enough satisfaction and gratitude towards yourself to spread that lovin’ energy to other areas of your life.

it’s what gives us the juice, the vigor, and the excitement to jump out of bed in the morning and say, “okay world! bring it on, i’m ready!” with love, of course.


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i might be off the blogging grid for the next four days. just a heads up.

actually i WILL be off the grid for the next four days. cause this girl right here is doing her yin yoga teacher training (thanks to the amazing support of my dear friend LD who has driven her little red honda fit all the way from Banff to come and hang out with the peanut for the weekend until Rob has days off on monday and tuesday.) how amazing is that?

hellz yes it’s amazing. 2012 is the year of yoga teacher trainings. great things are happening. i love it.

you know you love it too.

can i offer a bit of hyperactive baby to tide you over? excellent.


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