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baby steps

April and i had a visitor this week. all the way from Washington, DC! ummm, no, it wasn’t Barack Obama. sorry to disappoint. but i was just as happy as if Obama graced us with his presence, because Luci and i go way back. back to the days of my german rotary exchange. ten years. babies really do bring the world together. and Luci brought April a pair of baby AUTHENTIC “of the people in Argentina” toms…the real deal. what toms only wish they could be, and are modeled after. Luci had April’s best interests in mind. she’s getting her started out on the right foot. baby steps. i only wish i could be as authentic as Luci and April.

the real deal

and now that April is seven weeks old…yeah, seven weeks flies when it’s on the other side of your due date. not so much in the days of a sweaty elephant seal, but i’m getting sidetracked. so yes, now that April is seven weeks old, she’s getting, ok i’m getting used to being able to plop her in her car seat and head out on the open road with less hesitation than i was a few weeks ago. i’m also not scared to whip out the human bottle if need be in a public place. and if anyone gives me a look for nursing in public i give them a look that basically means would you rather hear the lovely soundtrack of a high pitched nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!? that’s what i thought. but in reality, i haven’t had to give anyone that look yet.

note the breastfeeding cape on the left

so we headed out for Banff. Luci grew up in Colorado, so i obbbbbbbvvvvvviously had to show her how much better the Canadian Rockies are than the American ones. we have a little ongoing battle in that sense…

pies, pies pies!

so Canadian, eh??

and once in Banff, we checked out the farmer’s market, where LD was selling her delicious pies and indulged in one for lunch. and of course, April was the centre of attention….she’s a great conversation piece. espeically when i changed her on the grass beside Laura’s pie stall. hey. you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

and then we strolled along the Bow River…

we stopped and did a photo shoot with the little one…

Auntie Luci

mama bear


and before we knew it, the sun was dipping behind the mountains and it was time to head home…not before a pre-roadtrip sip for the little one though. (my life still consists of three hour intervals. true story.)


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