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i love the fall. it brings a certain nostalgia to me that i get every year, right around now. maybe it’s the way the air smells so fresh, or feeling the cold air even though the sun is still hot. or maybe it’s the thought of thanksgiving, and appreciating the weather being how it is before the long, cold alberta weather sets in. i get to break out my scarf collection again, and wear boots instead of my toms, but it’s not so cold that i fear going outside. which could be especially frightening this winter with a wee one. but now isn’t the time to have negative thoughts, it’s a time to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. why dwell on the fact that april is still sometimes up three times in the night, but be thankful for the time we get to sit together in silence at 2:30 am while she nurses herself back into a slumber. she won’t be little forever. and she will eventually sleep through the night, in her own room, and not in a bassinet beside our bed.

at this time last year, i didn’t know i was pregnant…or i was days away from finding out. and when i did find out, i went through so many emotions that one does when they find out that they’re in “the family way” when the thought of starting a family was still years away. i had an overwhelming amount of selfishness build inside me…what about all the skiing i’d miss out on that winter, or the yoga teacher training that i wouldn’t be able to do come june that i’d planned on doing? and now, a year later, with a three month old baby, i can’t imagine my life being any different. i have the most loving man in the world in my life, and we have a sweet little baby girl. i’m a mom. and i have that to be so thankful for.

thankful for…

afternoon swims to tucker her out...

market adventures

hanging out with papa bear

jolly jumpers

...and just being cute


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