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we were having one of those great days when everyone managed to have a shower, get dressed in something other that jean shorts and a plaid shirt (typical lounge wear ’round these parts) and head out for some good old time fun at the grocery store.

everyone was telling me how sweet the little one looked and she was playing the part by grinning right back at everyone who smiled at her. she even pulled out her shoulder shrugging trick and gave a few queen waves. (it’s true. she waves like the queen)

on her best behavior.

and then like an alberta thunderstorm…..

in comes the temper tantrum. an uncontrollable this is soooooo effing embarrassing kind of temper tantrum.

temper tantrums and thunderstorms happen fast ’round these parts

so i did what i usually do and gave her my iphone to make peace. i can’t even remember what the tantrum was about. probably nothing.

wahhhhhhh!!! i know it’s my own damn fault but still. it hadn’t broken yet! and i had an old iphone that lasted for almost three years and innumerable dropped situations. i know i know, i should have known better….but have you ever been in a situation where you just want your kid to zip it and you’ll do just about anything to achieve silence? well until you’ve been there….don’t judge anyone who gives their kid their phone to keep em quiet.

especially if you watch the kid rocket launch the parent’s cell phone across the front of the deli.

true story.




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we’re back in drayton. the groundhog saw his shadow. i think that we are supposed to have heavy heads and expect another six weeks of winter, but actually if that’s the case, we should be celebrating. alberta doesn’t apply to rules regarding winter and when it decides to come or go. and then come again all too fast. we had hail several times last july. true story.

mama, do you think the groundhog saw his shadow?


this is us. today. i have to send out some mad lovin’ respect to my friend Daphne who offered to watch the little madwoman yesterday while i got in a juicy moksha class in edmonton. 75 minutes of uninterrupted bliss. Daphne, on the other hand, got a 75 minute holler fest. not real tears, no. just a full on shit fit temper tantrum. like i said. i can’t thank Daphne enough!

so today, April is gnawing on cookies. teething cookies. so she thinks she’s getting a treat, but really it’s just organic hippie teething cookie goodness with no sugar in them. they make a hell of a mess. i’m over worrying about messes though. they all get cleaned up at the end of the day. it’s my way of saying don’t worry little one, i’m not actually abandoning you when i leave you with my friends so that i can go and have some time for me. i get my yoga, april gets a cookie. fair’s fair, non?

lookin' for mama love

because one day, i’ll look back on these days like today when April is so clingy, and i’ll wish that she was still like that.



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