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whenever there is an opportunity to participate in a public event, it’s probably a safe bet to jazz things up with a little bit of NEON. especially when you get to whip out fun yoga poses while you’re at it.

the streets were lined at 4:30 pm yesterday in downtown red deer in anticipation. it was the day of the Santa Claus Parade and the lighting of the trees in the downtown park.

and who doesn’t love a Santa Claus Parade? especially when you have a little person who missed out on the halloween adventures for the year. i felt that i had to make that up to April somehow.

and what better way than to dress her up like Kris Kringle himself?

of course, Santa hats for tiny humans don’t exist, at least not in red deer. so two nights ago, i set out to start knitting one for the peanut. it’s a good thing i did decide to knit her one because there was quite a chilly wind ripping through the downtown core.

knitting mission

i’m not the most skilled knitter, so it took me awhile to get the measurements and stitches right, but it worked! finished it about 30 minutes before go time! (it was a bit of a scramble….)

April is a bit baffled by the sporadic yoga moves that we kept busting out

we did a lot of yoga. mostly to keep warm.

Santa and one of her (neon clad) reindeer!

apologies for the blurry pic (i’m going to use the winter weather as my excuse again…)

trying to keep warm. unfortunately the police man didn’t offer up a spot in his car

basically it was a bit of a shit show, as parades always are. we waited. and waited. and jogged on the spot. and ran around in circles to try and keep warm.

aren’t parades always like that though? a whole lotta waiting around while people tell you where to line up, and then come back and say “no go over here.” or “move out of the way so that this float can squeak through.” i think so.

i must say though, my mom’s home made felted water bottle saved the day. i tucked it in next to April and wrapped her in a million blankets.

she wasn’t cold at all. she loved it. once the parade started, she waved like the queen and blew kisses the whole time. incredible.

all in all, i’d say it was a pretty successful last minute scramble. neon. Santa. reindeer. a wagon. what more did we need, really?



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if you live in a northern country and need some warm woolens for your wee peanut, take the time to hunt (and i mean hunt) down the cutest disana woolens from germany. from the saggy bum to the cute little hood, they’re actually THE BEST little outfit. the bonus is that they’re super cozy, breathable, and constructed of soft, boiled wool. amazing.

oh and did i mention cute?

the cutest.

dreaming of outdoor adventures…except the wind would have blown us both away



and that, i’d have to say is one cute little baby bear in a red suit.


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