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well, it’s saturday. and we’re caught in a torrential downpour. so i don’t feel bad about staying inside, or that i have no motivation to have a shower and go run errands.

nope. not today.

and so i’ll blog to distract me from the wonderful world of etsy….oh why did i even go to see what was going on on etsy…..hot damn…

when you are somewhere in the land of being a two year old, something suddenly clicks in your brain that says ooooohhh crayons! markers! these must be for the furniture and the walls!!! makes sense to me. and i believe that art and creativity is downright the number one most important thing for your kids to explore.

so i turned our kitchen cart into a place that isn’t forbidden, taking away April’s desire to scribble on random things (it’s really mostly my stuff and not so much our walls, but as a preventative measure…)

it was actually super easy.

and can be done in stages (which is kind of essential when you have an eager two year old who sees you painting the furniture and in turn thinks that her mission in life might actually be to paint the whole house in chalkboard paint.)

so. a step by step (this is new and exciting for me too!)

1. find a piece of furniture that you don’t mind altering with a good spot for a chalkboard. i picked our kitchen cart.

boring ol' kitchen cart

boring ol’ kitchen cart


2. gather your supplies.

step 1. gather your supplies

3. prepare your painting surface by sanding it down. this will help the chalkboard paint stay put

sanding, sanding...boring sanding!

sanding, sanding…boring sanding!

4. tape your edges. i am the messiest painter evah and usually end up with more paint in my hair and on my pants than on the actual thing i’m painting. so.

even though i taped i still made a mess. but i did my best!

even though i taped i still made a mess. but i did my best!

5. don’t forget to have fun and take a break when your toddler wakes up from her nap. after all, this project is for her!!

mama's little helper. we took a time out at this point.

mama’s little helper. we took a time out at this point.

6. remove tape and attach a little rod to hold pots of chalk and erasers. i needed to call in the support team for this one (Rob has way more fun doing this stuff than i do)

almost done!

almost done!

and since there was a little tiny oops when Rob was figuring out where to drill the bar for hanging the chalk….we decided to cover it up in the most playful way we could think of.

7. grab some non toxic paints and get creative with your kiddos. april loved getting her hands dirty. (literally)

it's not perfect....but either is life with a two year old!

it’s not perfect….but either is life with a two year old!

i’m not even worried about touching it up.

ta-da! rainy saturday inspiration!


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she ate a banana. stole it out of my hand and chomped down on it like it was a chocolate bar.

chowing DOWN. (there was no half assed banana eating here)


i’m still in shock. maybe my little non-healthy eater is coming around. maybe she’s sick of her peanut butter diet.


can’t. eat. banana. fast. enough.

and that wasn’t all. she stole my fork out of my hand yesterday and ate half of my healthy colourful lunch. holy hannah i would have taken a picture if i wasn’t trying to scrape my jaw up off of the floor.

i couldn’t believe it. my girl who wailed for a solid hour when i stuck a deliciously maple syrup drizzled roasted sweet sweet sweet potato in her mouth that i made just for her.

here she was, eating my quinoa. and beets. and sweet potatoes. with a fork.

i really think the fork was the trick. who doesn’t like stabbing their food? because April loves it. takes her mind off the fact that she’s actually eating something delicious AND healthy.


and as for more magic…

late night adventures after the peanut has crashed in her bed.

i liked this before...

i liked this before…

but i really love it now.

but i really love it now.

alright friends. that’s enough for now. this media adding bullshit stunt that wordpress is trying to pull off is really pissing me off. and it’s time to get April up anyway, though as much as i’d love to let her sleep…i don’t need a night owl up and helping me paint tonight.

April is doing to Rob's computer what i'd like to do to wordpress right now. arhgd$$#%??*$% horseshit.

April is doing to Rob’s computer what i’d like to do to wordpress right now. arhgd$$#%??*$% horseshit.


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