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Okay, Internet world. Never, Evah again will I brag about my amazing baby who sleeps through the night. Ever. Somebody decided that three times was all I was getting this week for a good night’s sleep. Someone decided to be a BABY and be up TWICE in the night. And not just the way she normally wakes up in a sweet, quiet way. No, no. This was a night of full-on wake up screaming because she was hungry rightnow. Or possibly five minutes ago, but who’s a baby mind reader at four am? Cross that strength off the resume strengths list. Can’t a person get a little sleep ’round these parts anymore? Apparently not. ps. If you haven’t seen the new TV show called “up all night” you should. It’s seriously funny. Maybe just for all the parental units out there, but still.
Hurrah to my first 4:45am blog post. Wah!


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