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today is a day for long naps.

and much needed peace

from the chaos of no’s! and get that out of your MOUTH!

the dishes can sit in the sink for a little longer and i’m not even going to start to think about making supper.

right now, is taking the time for me.

because i know it won’t last.

it never does.


and there’s a muffled whimper from the far corners of the house.

the silence is over.


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jan 13. peace.

i’m not sure what clicked, but last night April got it. she remembered that night time is for sleeping, and today, that nap times are something to surrender to, not to fight. maybe a little bit of that yogic energy from last night’s power flow class wore off on her. surrendering into a pose makes it so much easier. if you try and wrestle with the hardest poses in yoga, they just become more difficult. and holding your breath makes it even worse.

i feel that the same holds true with April and sleep.

i have exactly five months and eighteen days until the moksha teacher training in Victoria starts. (i could feel my heart beating louder in my chest as i typed that) so i best be taking advantage of these naps to get the required reading list read. these books aren’t gonna read themselves.

as you can see by the top book…keeping books in good shape with a wee one around isn’t easy. at least it looks well loved, non?

i’m learning to take what i practice on my mat into motherhood. remembering to breathe during the frustrating times brings peace. or at least a little bit of fresh oxygen to my heart.

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