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mommy brain, baby brain, call it what you want, pregnant brain didn’t prepare me at all! and for anyone who says it’s all in your head, it’s NOT!

on wednesday, April had her first baby check-up. ten am, no big deal…had her fed by 9:30, loaded in the car seat, drove up the road, and looked at my mom and said shit, i forgot my phone.  i never! forget my phone. we’re attached at the hip (but not in a hip case kind of way) so we turned around and drove back to get it. thus making us late for our appointment. first lesson learned. give yourself an extra twenty minutes on top of what you used to once a baby is factored into going anywhere. no more of this rushing out the door at the very last possible second, and putting the dog on his leash en route to the car. no, no, no. things are changing.

the doctor’s appointment goes fine. April is growing like a weed and a healthy little baby. the proud mama swaddles her and walks back out to the waiting room, starts loading her into her car seat…and my doc comes out of the exam room, yes, carrying my purse. wicked. baby? check! forgetting anything else that could be of the slightest importance? check! didn’t even occur to me that i didn’t have my purse.

oh, and remember how i needed to make lists when i was pregnant? nope, that hasn’t changed.at all.

last night, i tried to plug my phone charger into my glass of water on my bedside table.

and i’m really not normally like this, i swear! at least i have a cute, good excuse. hopefully things will start to balance out once my hormones get themselves back in line…hopefully.


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