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you all know how excited i am about baby wearing. and if you didn’t before, now you do. it’s just sooooooo easy!!! don’t get me wrong, i love my stroller for walks, but for running into the grocery store, there’s nothing easier than making a little nest for the babe to curl up in.

and it just so happens that there is a woman in town who makes the most amazing hand woven wraps. i swear you could run a marathon in one of her mei tais and the babe wouldn’t budge so much as an inch.

i put in my mei tai order with Becky from Uppymama when April was still in my tum, and i just got word this past week that it was ready. so on saturday morning, Rob’s mom and i (we have had parental unit visiting support for a few weeks!) headed down to the market for April’s first out of womb market experience (the first in belly visit was with my mama bear just a few short weeks ago). you’ll never see as many strollers and pregnant women as you do at the red deer market. it’s unreal. and no surprise that a good chunk of the vendors make things that are geared towards little babes.

April started the excursion in her stroller and she ended it in a wrap. i must say, in warm weather, the stroller is the way to go. unless you want to feel like you’re carrying a sweaty hot water bottle on your chest on a sunny day. but wrapping your baby is a wonderful thing if they are feeling a little bit fussy in the stroller and it’s not the most ideal place to pop your boob out of your shirt and offer up a drink. just learning from experience. i’ve had the pleasure of doing said act in h&m a few weeks ago when my brother and i went on a jeans shopping excursion. yup. tucked into a corner of h&m and quelled the little one’s frantic cries between a rack of little boys’ tshirts and jeans. no big deal.

so in all honesty, different methods of transporting your baby are great for all types of scenarios…but if you’re an overprotective mama bear like yours truly…well, the wrap is the way to go to keep unwanted germ-y hands from poking away at your precious little tiny miracle.

wrapped up tight


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