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…i choose baking. seriously. i hit the kitchen.

i got a voice mail on my phone two days ago when i was out for a hike with the wee one and my dear friend LD. it was from the public health nurse, saying that i had a child that was due to have her immunizations. errhm, way past due actually. i’ve actually been avoiding the public health nurse. hiding under a rock, pretending that the public health sector doesn’t exist.

when you become pregnant, you make a choice. that choice is whether you will sit in a corner for the duration of your pregnancy and eat organic lettuce and pop your folic acid pills faithfully while you rock back and forth and live in fear because you’re growing a tiny person inside of you, or you continue to live your life as you did before, because hey, you seem to be doing just fine.

and you bake cookies.

then you have your baby. and all of a sudden, your baby is out in the world, unprotected. unlike how she was when you carried her in your belly for nine months. suddenly you’re concerned about the ingredients in sunscreen, you drive ten kilometers under the speed limit and are extra cautious when making left hand turns. you have to make decisions that are for someone else.

and then your baby hits the two month mark. and they’re due to have their first immunizations. to be honest with you, vaccines scare the bejezus out of me. and for once, my trusty friend Google is a bit elusive when it comes to researching vaccinations for your child. facts about vaccines are slanted by the big drug companies, there are a myriad of testimonies from other parents saying that vaccinating their children changed their lives and the lives of their children for the worse. people have written about the horror stories of bad reactions that their children have had. and then there is this website called ThinkTwice.com – the most frightening website ever. this is the website that you read and cry about because you’ve vaccinated your children. it’s also the same website that you read and makes you want to sit in the corner of a dark room in your house with your eyes closed and cover your ears because you don’t want to vaccinate your child, but you also worry about not vaccinating them. there are rumors (or truths) of autism,seizures, and even death, passed off as SIDS as a result of vaccinations. so how is one to know which route to travel? and who even gets mumps anymore anyway? and what the heck is diphtheria?

i’m not here to say what is right or wrong, or what decision you should make in regards to your own children. ultimately the decision you do make is the right one for your family. nobody can deny your children access to public schools if they aren’t vaccinated, or keep you from riding public transit, so in the end the choice is yours.

like i said, i choose baking. i’ll deal with vaccinations another day.


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