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life gets waaaay more exciting when you have a little person who REFUSES to let anyone feed her but herself. she is strong willed. that’s good right???

i forgot to mention that she also doesn’t eat anything except for baby granola bars and greasy meat (think sausages on the grill)

basically all of my hopes and dreams of raising a non-sugar eating organic food in the full spectrum of the colour wheel, salt of the earth hippie child have gone crashing out the window in a huge puddle of hopelessness.

so April eats mostly what i can convince her to eat. it’s usually white or off white. and now she is the only one who can feed herself, those choices are really limited. today i was exhausted and settled for baby breakfast cereal aka goop.

April thought it was great.



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you know the days when you feel like there are a million things that you want to do? you know…from perfecting a few tough yoga moves so that you can feel like you’re flying…to cleaning the house, to baking, to crocheting and reading…i’m having one of those days.

the rain is soothing and the peanut is sleeping…

zucchini muffins it is!!

zucchini zucchini


feel free to indulge with a jar of sparkly water or whatever beverage suits your fancy


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