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well, it’s saturday. and we’re caught in a torrential downpour. so i don’t feel bad about staying inside, or that i have no motivation to have a shower and go run errands.

nope. not today.

and so i’ll blog to distract me from the wonderful world of etsy….oh why did i even go to see what was going on on etsy…..hot damn…

when you are somewhere in the land of being a two year old, something suddenly clicks in your brain that says ooooohhh crayons! markers! these must be for the furniture and the walls!!! makes sense to me. and i believe that art and creativity is downright the number one most important thing for your kids to explore.

so i turned our kitchen cart into a place that isn’t forbidden, taking away April’s desire to scribble on random things (it’s really mostly my stuff and not so much our walls, but as a preventative measure…)

it was actually super easy.

and can be done in stages (which is kind of essential when you have an eager two year old who sees you painting the furniture and in turn thinks that her mission in life might actually be to paint the whole house in chalkboard paint.)

so. a step by step (this is new and exciting for me too!)

1. find a piece of furniture that you don’t mind altering with a good spot for a chalkboard. i picked our kitchen cart.

boring ol' kitchen cart

boring ol’ kitchen cart


2. gather your supplies.

step 1. gather your supplies

3. prepare your painting surface by sanding it down. this will help the chalkboard paint stay put

sanding, sanding...boring sanding!

sanding, sanding…boring sanding!

4. tape your edges. i am the messiest painter evah and usually end up with more paint in my hair and on my pants than on the actual thing i’m painting. so.

even though i taped i still made a mess. but i did my best!

even though i taped i still made a mess. but i did my best!

5. don’t forget to have fun and take a break when your toddler wakes up from her nap. after all, this project is for her!!

mama's little helper. we took a time out at this point.

mama’s little helper. we took a time out at this point.

6. remove tape and attach a little rod to hold pots of chalk and erasers. i needed to call in the support team for this one (Rob has way more fun doing this stuff than i do)

almost done!

almost done!

and since there was a little tiny oops when Rob was figuring out where to drill the bar for hanging the chalk….we decided to cover it up in the most playful way we could think of.

7. grab some non toxic paints and get creative with your kiddos. april loved getting her hands dirty. (literally)

it's not perfect....but either is life with a two year old!

it’s not perfect….but either is life with a two year old!

i’m not even worried about touching it up.

ta-da! rainy saturday inspiration!


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whenever there is an opportunity to participate in a public event, it’s probably a safe bet to jazz things up with a little bit of NEON. especially when you get to whip out fun yoga poses while you’re at it.

the streets were lined at 4:30 pm yesterday in downtown red deer in anticipation. it was the day of the Santa Claus Parade and the lighting of the trees in the downtown park.

and who doesn’t love a Santa Claus Parade? especially when you have a little person who missed out on the halloween adventures for the year. i felt that i had to make that up to April somehow.

and what better way than to dress her up like Kris Kringle himself?

of course, Santa hats for tiny humans don’t exist, at least not in red deer. so two nights ago, i set out to start knitting one for the peanut. it’s a good thing i did decide to knit her one because there was quite a chilly wind ripping through the downtown core.

knitting mission

i’m not the most skilled knitter, so it took me awhile to get the measurements and stitches right, but it worked! finished it about 30 minutes before go time! (it was a bit of a scramble….)

April is a bit baffled by the sporadic yoga moves that we kept busting out

we did a lot of yoga. mostly to keep warm.

Santa and one of her (neon clad) reindeer!

apologies for the blurry pic (i’m going to use the winter weather as my excuse again…)

trying to keep warm. unfortunately the police man didn’t offer up a spot in his car

basically it was a bit of a shit show, as parades always are. we waited. and waited. and jogged on the spot. and ran around in circles to try and keep warm.

aren’t parades always like that though? a whole lotta waiting around while people tell you where to line up, and then come back and say “no go over here.” or “move out of the way so that this float can squeak through.” i think so.

i must say though, my mom’s home made felted water bottle saved the day. i tucked it in next to April and wrapped her in a million blankets.

she wasn’t cold at all. she loved it. once the parade started, she waved like the queen and blew kisses the whole time. incredible.

all in all, i’d say it was a pretty successful last minute scramble. neon. Santa. reindeer. a wagon. what more did we need, really?


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