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how awesome are solids, hey? i mean, really. one can’t survive on a liquid diet forever.

but maybe one could live off a liquid diet until she knows how to change her own diaper, non?

i’d like to think of that as a possibility.

not so sure about these "cheerio" things

someone needed to have a bath mid-day today because of an epic diaper change experience. i’ll spare you the details. Rob suggested that maybe she just wanted a different onesie and didn’t know how to ask? i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

bath time is my favourite part of the day!

i'm so excited that i'm going to get to have two baths today! clever...

high five to parental awesomeness for having strong enough stomachs to make it through the day.


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the appreciation i have for silence now is, well, unexplainable. ahhh, i just jinxed myself. she heard the keyboard, i’m sure of it…

to be continued…

and so my life in a three hour cycle continues. wake up from nap, change a diaper, pray i don’t get hit by a rogue projectile poop (it’s happened at 2am…catching me completely off-guard), feed her, burp her, possibly throw another diaper change in the mix and tuck her back into bed. it’s enough to make anyone go cross eyed… but luckily we have this little hormone in us called oxytocin. the love hormone.it’s what gets all mothers through this limiting little cycle that everyone finds themselves in, in the first few months of their child’s life. TROO LUV.

getting ready to go to the grocery store has turned into a two hour event. i’m learning though that even if she’s squawking a bit, getting out the door is the first step. and car rides are amazing for calming down a worked up little babe. but even still, she needs to be fed, and then changed, and possibly fed again if i want to get anything accomplished while we’re out.

it’s the simple things in life right? well my life has become just that. simplified. no point in trying to be a super mom, when in reality…just surviving is being a super mom. and there’s a lot to be said about simple. it’s fabulous.


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