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April was four months old today. and i’m not one to make note of monthly “birthdays” but today was one of those special days that you don’t soon forget. kate middleton was making headlines for not eating peanut paste…so she obvvvvvvvviously  is pregnant. no, that’s not what i’m talking about in regards to a special day. but i did want to point out such a shenanigan…because it’s crazy misconceptions like that that made me start my blog. and also made me realise that as a pregnant woman, i could choose to not eat peanut butter, sushi, sunny side up eggs, and a whole other buffet table of delicious goodies…or i could just go ahead and eat them because my chances of getting salmonella food poisoning or giving my unborn child anaphylactic shock in utero due to a peanut allergy were slim to none. might as well go buy a lottery ticket while i was at it, because my odds of winning were better than doing my little, ahem, peanut any harm.

still waiting on that lottery ticket.

so unimpressed right now.

unimpressed by the ice on the lake, obviously.

but this is not the reason for my blog today. no no. the reason i wanted to let you all in on our four month old adventure was because there was, sweet sassy molassy, ice on the lake in the park that we take our daily walk through. April was born in july. summer. four months later should not make it winter, am i right? but alas, we live in alberta. and they say in alberta that there are only two seasons – winter and construction. i guess so. whatever. i’m not really ready for winter though. i’m not ready to give up our daily strolls because it’s -30 C outside and any more than two minutes of exposure to bare skin leads to frostbite. i might be canadian, and i might be 28 years old and yeah this is nothing new… but i’m still never ready for winter when it comes. evah.

in the meantime, we’ll just keep walking.

is anyone else concerned about this? no, okay.

until we realise that we’re walking on a high pressure crude oil pipeline??? oh wait, i think most of Drayton Valley is a crude oil pipeline. no big deal.

but the do want you to pick up after your dog. and on inspection of the sidewalks, they are mighty dandy.

it's the law. so there.

i think though, with all due respect…having crude oil pipelines running through town may be more of a threat to the health of our children, non? somebody, just reach out a kind hand and gently place it on my shoulder and tell me that it’s going to be okay. that i’m not crazy. ohhh thank you, i needed that.


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