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to lighten my spirits about how effing terrible it’s been breastfeeding this week, i decided to make a pro/con list to remind myself that it ain’t so bad after all.


-i have the ultimate excuse to do nothing. (think, getting out of doing the dishes…sorry babe…can’t do the dishes, feeding the baby!)

-people get stuff for you when you’re immobile, like water. and snacks. and the remote controller.

-nothin’s cheaper than free, baby!

-the ultimate silencer…because everyone loves a crying baby at three am.

-i feel great knowing that i’m keeping my baby alive.

-you don’t need to prepare breastmilk the way you do formula…note* point number four. nothing worse than a wailer while you wait for the formula to get to the right temp.

-you don’t need to haul a ton of shit with you when you leave the house. or carry a cooler bag to keep the goods from going bad.

-it makes you skinny. (breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a  day.) because i have time to hit the treadmill for 45 minutes every morning….


-can you say ball and chain? we know who’s boss in our house.

-your nipples feel like they’ve encountered a cheese grater and you get queasy if your babe doesn’t latch on properly. *this was why i had a week of feeding hell. think pain worse than tears. way worse.

-you’re immobile. i know this is in the pro list because people do stuff for you, but nobody can go pee for you. remember that.

-nobody but you can feed the little peanut at two am…or again at three am….or four. (can you say growth spurt?) eff.

-when April is hungry, nothing else matters. it doesn’t matter if you’re ready to chew your own arm off because you haven’t had a minute to yourself all day to brush your teeth, let alone eat…

-babies want to nurse when their tummies hurt. so until they feel better…ball and chain. sometimes it can take hours to get that little tummy back in order.

-forget the ice cold beer that i craved while i was pregnant…the way this little hungry bunny eats…there’s no chancing a beer and having her be SOL when she decides she wants to eat 15 minutes after cracking a cold one.

-dresses? out of the question. unless i want to flash the world when i feed her in public.

-you learn pretty quickly what you can and can’t eat. April doesn’t tolerate chocolate. wahh! but i guess i’ll forgo the brownies if it means we can all avoid the tummy ache blues. sigh.

so, my cons list ended up being longer than the pros. dang. but i’m not giving up, not yet. i’m not a quitter, especially because i constantly remind myself that breast is best!! and i know i’d be pretty darn disappointed in myself if i gave up. i’ve also spent way too much money on nursing bras to call it quits now. one day at a time…one day at a time.

"what? you don't want to feed me? ok, fine, i'll get out my boxing gloves..."

the "almost about to cry", heartbreaking...even after four hours of attempted feel better feeding

"okay fine, you don't want to feed me? i'll just gnaw on my hand instead."

"mama? can you hold up my head? i drank too much milk."

the hangry cry. nobody's favourite time of day.

post hangry cry, full tummy. same child???


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