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when the rain is coming down, Rob is at work, and someone small is in the land of slumber, i get a little…bored.

change has been creeping into my thoughts, so i grabbed my scissors and headed to the bathroom for a little hair styling 101.

oh hey bangs.

and then April woke up

only a little bit grumpy

okay….really grumpy?

and then she fought me for my phone and ended up dialing my mom while simultaneously screaming bloody murder because she is perfecting the art of the temper tantrum. obvs scared the shit out of my mom.

showing off her teeth (pre tantrum)

change is fun. xo


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blah, blah, blah, blog.

i’ve been thinking a lot about blogs lately. and how they have taken over the internet. first, it was google that you had to use discretion with when writing a term paper, then it was wikipedia that you needed to be wary of, and now…? blogs. you can find a blog on just about damn near every subject out there, i’m sure of it. you type something into google and you’re bound to end up on someone’s blog from california, or manitoba, or denmark, maybe. people blog about their children, the latest fashions to hit the runway and how to wear them, or how to create the perfect hairstyle. they blog because they think they’re funny, or because they have a serious matter that they want to bring to people’s attention. they blog about food (oh so many people blog about food. ohhhhhh ma gawd it’s overwhelming. screw the days of cookbooks!) there are power bloggers, there are blog circles, there are ways to make you and your blog feel like you are not a part of the cool and cliquey blog crowd… it’s high school all over again.

so why do people blog? are we not getting enough attention in our day to day lives? are we bored? are we jumping up and down saying look at me, look at meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ? are we all suddenly okay with opening up the pages of our journals to the whole wide world? why do you blog?

can you feel the silence? this is where i blog in my head.

i write most of my blogs in my head before they ever become black and white. i walk and walk and walk and compose my words in my mind. sometimes i write a blog post in my head when i’m driving home, other times when i’m watching TV, or after a good phone convo. some things i mean to say are forgotten, but that’s okay too. for me, blogging is therapy. it’s getting thoughts off my chest, puts them out there in the world. it’s about capturing memories, and sharing journeys. keeping you all close. half of the wild things that i’ve written about would have been forgotten about if i hadn’t shared my adventures. i like to think that my words have brought a few smiles to your face and a few deep belly laughs. if anything, i can reread my blog in ten years time with April, to show her what things were like when she was a peanut. what life was like for me when she was in my belly, und so weiter… blogs are modern day photo albums, they are letters to friends, and advice to those who seek it.

watch out! it’s a blah blah blah bloggy world out there.

deep in thought about the next blog she is going to write.

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