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i learned last night that April doesn’t like to be spooked, frightened…whatever verb you use, she doesn’t like it. she likes to be up with the times, in the loop, part of the plan. and here i was playing peekaboo and scared the sh*t right outta her. i felt like such a jerk. peekaboo is supposed to be fun, right? apparently not when you’re coming up to your four month mark in life. Rob actually had to give her a bath without me to calm her down. she was hysterical. i almost cried with her i felt so bad for spooking her. but she finally did settle, and off to bed she went.

so halloween probably won’t be her favourite holiday, but we can try, right?

nothing like a festive coloured diaper to start the day out right.

we might even practice rolling over.

oh hi.

there’s nothing quite like the taste of a bug. even if it is a stuffed one. screw halloween candy.

despite how this picture may look sort of (?) happy….it was one unhappy halloween day. note the sookie soother to keep the peace.

carving a pumpkin during nap time isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. it’s a lot like work. last year, we didn’t have a single trick-or-treater because in red deer we live in the middle of the middle of nowhere. i carved two pumpkins and was sadly let down. this year though, in dreadful drayton valley, (it’s really not that bad) we live in a neighborhood filled with kidlets. yards are decorated with caution tape and fake spiderwebs in the barren leafless trees. some have even transformed their flower gardens into graveyards with tombstones. i expect a lot of trick-or-treaters this year.

so i got up to my elbows in pumpkin guts. the first pumpkin i carved was for the wee pumpkin queen herself. why not, right? she had the suit, she just needed a throne to sit on. well, that pumpkin started with two leg holes. because i’ve seen (probably fake?) babies sitting in pumpkins in internet-land. they seemed perfectly happy. gleeful, even. thinking back to it now, i’m sure they were drugged. any normal baby would have objected to being stuffed in a pumpkin, i think. you will note that April’s pumpkin presently looks like a booster seat. strike two for mama to scare the sh*t out of a little person in less than 24 hours. somebody didn’t like sitting in a pumpkin. and really, i don’t blame her. so we had to bust out. but she was stuck. so as calmly as possible, i ripped the damn pumpkin in half. so much for halloween fun. thank god i never invested in a bumbo chair. she would have hated it.

hopefully we’ll have a better start to november than the end of our october.


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