now that i’m safely out of the first trimester, i can look back on it in a state of second trimester smugness.

because second trimester is awesome in comparison.

i’ve also come to the conclusion, that, all medical precautions aside due to increased risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, that the real reason that it’s recommended to keep your mouth shut about any human growing duties is because your friends will unfollow/ignore/hide from you if they were to constantly hear about how shitty you feel.

true story.

lethargy and queasiness while curling up next to the porcelain throne in combination with limiting your menu choices to cheese toast and cheerios to keep yourself at a level of barely functional could damn near make a woman say (on more than one occasion) that she will definitely never get pregnant again. i might have even uttered those words myself when pregnant with April. but after about thirty seconds into the day that you stop feeling like crap, you forget that you ever felt like crap.

and then your body finally decides to get pregnant again.

the first trimester is sort of like a hangover.  a three month long hangover.

but with a way better end result.


but it think it’s time we came out of hibernation.

it’s amazing what a little vitamin d can do for the soul.


we’ve also been bursting at the seams with something to tell you…




it only took my uterus three years to get over the fear of housing another human who will inevitably lead to sleepless nights and chaotic cross-continental flights with not one but two little people to wrangle. but let’s be honest, now that April is potty trained, we needed another little challenge.

and she needs a full time friend. that’s what siblings are for, right?


snow day!

normally in Alberta people tend to ignore snowstorms and treat them like they’re no biggie. i mean, everyone has a big truck, right?


so i knew when it was bad enough for Rob to send his men home, and most other companies in town were doing the same that April and i were exactly where we needed to be.

chilling on the couch, eating mr. noodles and watching movies.

it was my kind of snow day monday.

DSC_0559  DSC_0564  DSC_0571

we’re never actually really ready for winter, but keeping cozy with duvets and pillows on the couch sure is a good way to make it as good as it could possibly be.

if you need us, you know where we’ll be.

family phots.

are a huge pain in the assssaroooooni.


she didn’t want to be put down.

and due to the fact that Rob’s days off are comparable to unicorn sightings, the already narrow window for a procrastinating mama to get holiday cards edited, printed and shipped off is very close to a sliver. and April wanted nothing to do with family anything on this particular day. she actually just wanted a nap. (coming from a resistant napper it all seemed veeeeeeery suspicious…)

we got something scratched together.


i wish it could have been this.

Rob insisted on a family pic. he said he likes to see us get older every year from the lack of sleep and fun learning experiences we gain as a parental unit.


okay, so not this one either. note the flat tire of the older than us vintage lawn mower. awesome.

December is just around the corner….jingle jingle jingle.

okay. so i kind of fell off the blogging wagon. time to get real. and by getting real i mean stop watching say yes to the dress and imagining myself wearing an insane dress that i actually would never ever be caught dead in (if we ever actually ever get married) and do something semi-productive. (blogs are productive!!!!!) but on a side note. be honest. you watch say yes to the dress more often than you’d like to admit. right?

now that i’ve admitted to a random indulgence (we just got cable again!) it’s time to get down to business.

i just want to let you all know that my kid officially runs our household. my phone is actually her iphone. the same goes for the iPad. generally at the same time. combined with the most intense of intense tantrums if i try to take either one of them away from her to, oh, i dunno, respond to a text message. so if you’re wondering why i don’t text you back…there’s your answer. she had a five minute conversation with a Roger’s representative the other day before finally letting me apologize to the nice man and then saying “sorry for wasting your time kkkkkkkkkk byeeeeee!”

yep, that happened.

so what have we been up to? ohhh, growing up. someone likes to paint her own nails now on top of being my secretary. (gahhhh!)

we’re still working on sharing. (of the electronics)



DSC_0581  DSC_0587

moving on to her other favourite activity.


once she has the phone, there’s no getting through. i don’t even know why i still have a password on it. maybe to save everyone of a few pocket dials.

i’ll have you also know that April answered the phone the other night and scared the crap out of my mom (who’s immediate, and legit, thought was ummm okay if April’s answering the phone where the hellllllll is em?)

this is how we roll.


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