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blah, blah, blah, blog.

i’ve been thinking a lot about blogs lately. and how they have taken over the internet. first, it was google that you had to use discretion with when writing a term paper, then it was wikipedia that you needed to be wary of, and now…? blogs. you can find a blog on just about damn near every subject out there, i’m sure of it. you type something into google and you’re bound to end up on someone’s blog from california, or manitoba, or denmark, maybe. people blog about their children, the latest fashions to hit the runway and how to wear them, or how to create the perfect hairstyle. they blog because they think they’re funny, or because they have a serious matter that they want to bring to people’s attention. they blog about food (oh so many people blog about food. ohhhhhh ma gawd it’s overwhelming. screw the days of cookbooks!) there are power bloggers, there are blog circles, there are ways to make you and your blog feel like you are not a part of the cool and cliquey blog crowd… it’s high school all over again.

so why do people blog? are we not getting enough attention in our day to day lives? are we bored? are we jumping up and down saying look at me, look at meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ? are we all suddenly okay with opening up the pages of our journals to the whole wide world? why do you blog?

can you feel the silence? this is where i blog in my head.

i write most of my blogs in my head before they ever become black and white. i walk and walk and walk and compose my words in my mind. sometimes i write a blog post in my head when i’m driving home, other times when i’m watching TV, or after a good phone convo. some things i mean to say are forgotten, but that’s okay too. for me, blogging is therapy. it’s getting thoughts off my chest, puts them out there in the world. it’s about capturing memories, and sharing journeys. keeping you all close. half of the wild things that i’ve written about would have been forgotten about if i hadn’t shared my adventures. i like to think that my words have brought a few smiles to your face and a few deep belly laughs. if anything, i can reread my blog in ten years time with April, to show her what things were like when she was a peanut. what life was like for me when she was in my belly, und so weiter… blogs are modern day photo albums, they are letters to friends, and advice to those who seek it.

watch out! it’s a blah blah blah bloggy world out there.

deep in thought about the next blog she is going to write.


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April was four months old today. and i’m not one to make note of monthly “birthdays” but today was one of those special days that you don’t soon forget. kate middleton was making headlines for not eating peanut paste…so she obvvvvvvvviously  is pregnant. no, that’s not what i’m talking about in regards to a special day. but i did want to point out such a shenanigan…because it’s crazy misconceptions like that that made me start my blog. and also made me realise that as a pregnant woman, i could choose to not eat peanut butter, sushi, sunny side up eggs, and a whole other buffet table of delicious goodies…or i could just go ahead and eat them because my chances of getting salmonella food poisoning or giving my unborn child anaphylactic shock in utero due to a peanut allergy were slim to none. might as well go buy a lottery ticket while i was at it, because my odds of winning were better than doing my little, ahem, peanut any harm.

still waiting on that lottery ticket.

so unimpressed right now.

unimpressed by the ice on the lake, obviously.

but this is not the reason for my blog today. no no. the reason i wanted to let you all in on our four month old adventure was because there was, sweet sassy molassy, ice on the lake in the park that we take our daily walk through. April was born in july. summer. four months later should not make it winter, am i right? but alas, we live in alberta. and they say in alberta that there are only two seasons – winter and construction. i guess so. whatever. i’m not really ready for winter though. i’m not ready to give up our daily strolls because it’s -30 C outside and any more than two minutes of exposure to bare skin leads to frostbite. i might be canadian, and i might be 28 years old and yeah this is nothing new… but i’m still never ready for winter when it comes. evah.

in the meantime, we’ll just keep walking.

is anyone else concerned about this? no, okay.

until we realise that we’re walking on a high pressure crude oil pipeline??? oh wait, i think most of Drayton Valley is a crude oil pipeline. no big deal.

but the do want you to pick up after your dog. and on inspection of the sidewalks, they are mighty dandy.

it's the law. so there.

i think though, with all due respect…having crude oil pipelines running through town may be more of a threat to the health of our children, non? somebody, just reach out a kind hand and gently place it on my shoulder and tell me that it’s going to be okay. that i’m not crazy. ohhh thank you, i needed that.

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i learned last night that April doesn’t like to be spooked, frightened…whatever verb you use, she doesn’t like it. she likes to be up with the times, in the loop, part of the plan. and here i was playing peekaboo and scared the sh*t right outta her. i felt like such a jerk. peekaboo is supposed to be fun, right? apparently not when you’re coming up to your four month mark in life. Rob actually had to give her a bath without me to calm her down. she was hysterical. i almost cried with her i felt so bad for spooking her. but she finally did settle, and off to bed she went.

so halloween probably won’t be her favourite holiday, but we can try, right?

nothing like a festive coloured diaper to start the day out right.

we might even practice rolling over.

oh hi.

there’s nothing quite like the taste of a bug. even if it is a stuffed one. screw halloween candy.

despite how this picture may look sort of (?) happy….it was one unhappy halloween day. note the sookie soother to keep the peace.

carving a pumpkin during nap time isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. it’s a lot like work. last year, we didn’t have a single trick-or-treater because in red deer we live in the middle of the middle of nowhere. i carved two pumpkins and was sadly let down. this year though, in dreadful drayton valley, (it’s really not that bad) we live in a neighborhood filled with kidlets. yards are decorated with caution tape and fake spiderwebs in the barren leafless trees. some have even transformed their flower gardens into graveyards with tombstones. i expect a lot of trick-or-treaters this year.

so i got up to my elbows in pumpkin guts. the first pumpkin i carved was for the wee pumpkin queen herself. why not, right? she had the suit, she just needed a throne to sit on. well, that pumpkin started with two leg holes. because i’ve seen (probably fake?) babies sitting in pumpkins in internet-land. they seemed perfectly happy. gleeful, even. thinking back to it now, i’m sure they were drugged. any normal baby would have objected to being stuffed in a pumpkin, i think. you will note that April’s pumpkin presently looks like a booster seat. strike two for mama to scare the sh*t out of a little person in less than 24 hours. somebody didn’t like sitting in a pumpkin. and really, i don’t blame her. so we had to bust out. but she was stuck. so as calmly as possible, i ripped the damn pumpkin in half. so much for halloween fun. thank god i never invested in a bumbo chair. she would have hated it.

hopefully we’ll have a better start to november than the end of our october.

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…i choose baking. seriously. i hit the kitchen.

i got a voice mail on my phone two days ago when i was out for a hike with the wee one and my dear friend LD. it was from the public health nurse, saying that i had a child that was due to have her immunizations. errhm, way past due actually. i’ve actually been avoiding the public health nurse. hiding under a rock, pretending that the public health sector doesn’t exist.

when you become pregnant, you make a choice. that choice is whether you will sit in a corner for the duration of your pregnancy and eat organic lettuce and pop your folic acid pills faithfully while you rock back and forth and live in fear because you’re growing a tiny person inside of you, or you continue to live your life as you did before, because hey, you seem to be doing just fine.

and you bake cookies.

then you have your baby. and all of a sudden, your baby is out in the world, unprotected. unlike how she was when you carried her in your belly for nine months. suddenly you’re concerned about the ingredients in sunscreen, you drive ten kilometers under the speed limit and are extra cautious when making left hand turns. you have to make decisions that are for someone else.

and then your baby hits the two month mark. and they’re due to have their first immunizations. to be honest with you, vaccines scare the bejezus out of me. and for once, my trusty friend Google is a bit elusive when it comes to researching vaccinations for your child. facts about vaccines are slanted by the big drug companies, there are a myriad of testimonies from other parents saying that vaccinating their children changed their lives and the lives of their children for the worse. people have written about the horror stories of bad reactions that their children have had. and then there is this website called ThinkTwice.com – the most frightening website ever. this is the website that you read and cry about because you’ve vaccinated your children. it’s also the same website that you read and makes you want to sit in the corner of a dark room in your house with your eyes closed and cover your ears because you don’t want to vaccinate your child, but you also worry about not vaccinating them. there are rumors (or truths) of autism,seizures, and even death, passed off as SIDS as a result of vaccinations. so how is one to know which route to travel? and who even gets mumps anymore anyway? and what the heck is diphtheria?

i’m not here to say what is right or wrong, or what decision you should make in regards to your own children. ultimately the decision you do make is the right one for your family. nobody can deny your children access to public schools if they aren’t vaccinated, or keep you from riding public transit, so in the end the choice is yours.

like i said, i choose baking. i’ll deal with vaccinations another day.

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i love that the sun is shining even though there was a thick layer of frost on my car this morning.

because it makes me feel cozy. i do love that about autumn.

so does April.

really? is it going to be one of those days? that was such a good cup of coffee too.

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